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We will develop a new qualification in enterprise education that people can study in their own community and which will equip people with the knowledge and skills to overcome barriers to enterprise.

About the Project

The project is funded by the Leonardo da Vinci strand of the Lifelong Learning Programme. It will run in four countries, Romania, Poland, Greece and the United Kingdom. Our main aim is to find out what sorts of problems can prevent people from being enterprising.

Eliemental will work with people who want to develop enterprise skills so that we can learn about barriers that prevent enterprise.We will have project teams in a number of local communities. Lodz (Poland), Targoviste (Romania), Thessaloniki (Greece) and in three UK settings - Lancaster, Manchester and the East of England. Local people will work with the project team as co-researchers and will play the most important role as experts in their own lives and the issues within their communities.

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