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Community Access Points [CAPs] are places where people from the Eliemental target groups meet. CAPs are important as Eliemental target groups are often hard-to-reach and many do not have access to the internet. The role of reaching people from target groups via CAPs is therefore particularly important and have been used to engage participants and their wider communities.
The use of CAPs has also secured interest in Eliemental from non-participants who are nevertheless within target groups.
CAPs have been used to meet with and spread information to Eliemental target groups. Identification and assessment of CAPs has been through workshops where stakeholders from target groups have been able to discuss places they use to meet, and feel are places of vital social interaction.
The aim was to recruit at least two community access points per country of each participating partner and to collect data about referrals via this route and the effectiveness of the process in promoting Eliemental to target groups. In identifying and assessing CAPs, workshops explored what ingredients made a successful CAP, including identifying relevant factors such as accessibility, popularity with a particular group relevant to Eliemental targets, etc. 

Community Access Points

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