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Training Materials

Due to the international reach of the Eliemental project we have created materials not only in English but in Greek, Romanian and Polish. Please select your language of choice next to the titles below.

Tutor Guide (Eng / Gr / Rom / Pol )

This contains all the materials needed for a tutor to run a group for Eliemental training, lesson plans and materials.

Learner Guide (Eng / Gr / Rom / Pol )

This is the book for each student to fill in, many of the activities can be completed in small groups using flip book paper. This approach to teaching helps improve communication and team work skills. This workbook is complemented by a pre-training questionnaire (Eng / Gr / Rom / Pol ) and a post- training questionnaire (Eng / Gr / Rom / Pol ) to quantify the students' improvements in soft skills and entrepreneurial intention. These files and more can also be found in the Elimental Resource Pack (Eng)

CAPS Guide (Eng / Gr / Rom)

As different CAPS may be necessary for different target groups It’s very important that the correct CAPs are identified so the training can be effectively delivered to target groups. This model can be identified to identify CAPs correctly.

Resource Pack (Eng)

A selection of resouces to work alongside all other learning materials. 

Skills & Competencies Ladder (Eng / Gr / Rom)

This model can provide an overview for how the ELIEMENTAL team has developed the training.

Download all in a compressed file (Eng)

10 Reasons to Offer ELIEMENTAL Enterprise Training (Eng)

Promotional Brochure for Trainees (Eng)

Eliemental Infomation Flyer (Eng)

Eliemental Infomation Poster (Eng)

Eliemental Media Release Form (Eng)

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