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This page includes details and links to other projects or sites of interest to the ELIEMENTAL community. We are not responsible for the content of external sites but we will have looked at the sites before adding their details to this page.

The ELIE Project

This is the project that led to the development of Eliemental. On the ELIE website you can find resources to help you learn about business start ups and stories about ordinary people who have overcome obstacles in their life to start up and then maintain a business in a new country. Visit for further information.

Passport to Trade 2.0
Are you a Small or Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) or a student thinking of successfully establishing yourself in another European country and require assistance with cultural difference in business? If so, is here to help! The Passport to Trade 2.0 project brings you extensive training in international cultural awareness.

The MORE Programme

Based at the University of Central Lancashire and part funded by the European Regional Development Fund is an INTENSIVESMART and USEFUL business support initiative aimed at helping you grow your creative, digital or media business. Benefit by learning from the region’s most successful creative and innovative entrepreneurs

The MORE Programme delivers needs-based know-how to help you start-up or grow your creative, digital and/or media businesses in North West England. Find out more by visiting

Centrum AGABA

Centrum AGABA was established in 2014, however the idea about how it should look like developed since 2010. Centrum is located in Lodz in Poland and it is a multidisciplinary organization that presents workshops, courses and research in a wide variety of educational aspects.

Centrum’s first programs focused on English language education for school students and quickly expanded to include artistic workshops, festivals, research, journalism and training for companies and its workers to promote values of civic knowledge, practical skills and attitudes necessary for cooperation within group and with clients. Centrum focuses on education about social, political and economic life in our country. It helps to develop creativity and critical thinking as well as social skills. We work with schools, companies, individual clients and NGO’s.

What kind of services can you find in Centrum AGABA? For example:

-English courses on every level (we can also teach polish as a foreign language);

-English to Polish, Polish to English translations;

-Preparing and conducting quantitative and qualitative research, building reports, recommendations and presentations in English and in Polish;

-Training (communication, negotiation, dealing with stress, group management, etc.)

-Creating books of standards (for clients, workers, firms, with aspects of corporate social responsibility, assessing already developed standards within companies etc.)

We are interested in gaining new knowledge by cooperation with similar organizations all over the world. Feel free to contact us:





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