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In order to provide the Eliemental project with the necessary information about our target groups, co-researchers will use their phone, or will have a camera or recorder provided by the project.

Co-researchers must be willing to talk to people they know about the issues in their lives that prevent them from taking up training or work that make it difficult to think of staring a business. Co-researchers will receive training in how to do this and will also be able to help with other parts of the project if they find they enjoy taking part.

To volunteer just click the contact us button on the left of the website.

About Co-Researchers

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The Eliemental project team know we are not experts on the lives of the people who our work is designed to help. Rather, we can only learn what is needed through learning from the real experts; people who encounter barriers in their lives or communities that make it difficult to realise their ideas and enter into the world of enterprise.

We need people who can talk to their family or friends, who like to chat to other parents in the school playground, market or at the doctors. If that describes you then perhaps you would like to be a co-researcher.

By recording conversations with people you encounter in this role, the Eliemental project team can learn from the things you find out, and build from this in aim of making enterprise and entreprenuerial pursuits accessible to our target groups. Further, by visually recording the places in your local community where people meet and chat through photographs, the Eliemental project will also be able to gain a sense of the social environments in which the work is situated, letting us know where to put posters and other information about the project.

Should you volunteer to become a co-researcher, you will also be invited to the Eliemental workshops and meetings so you can learn more about the project and what it aims to do in the next three years. All expenses of travel and refreshment whilst travellilng to and from such Eliemental events will be paid for by the Eliemental project.

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