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We would love to hear about your community and the places that are good for meeting people and learning about what is happening where you are. Get in touch with us via Twitter, Facebook or email.

Community Access Points


Our community-based co-researchers have been working in their communities to find out what makes a good community place, a place where people go to find out things, to meet friends or to take part in activities. We have found out that informal places are often as important as formal settings. Our Greek reserachers told us that mothers use the coffee shops near to school, and in the NW UK and in Poland local coffee shops were also popular places, especially where they had free wi-fi.

Other places identified include youth clubs, organisations that support specific group of people and market places.

We found out that some people would like to be invited to local places by someone they know or trust, as they are nervous about going into a new place. Other people want more interaction with their local community but are not sure how to go about this.


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