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ELIEMENTAL Case Study Disability (1)

ELIEMENTAL Case Study Disability (1):

From an area in the North West with high levels of deprivation and a significant proportion of the working-age population in receipt of out-of-work benefit, this native individual stands out as a bright and capable man with a strong work ethic and a reasonable school education.  With several GCSEs, higher maths and a BTEC National Diploma, he is not a stranger to learning as he recounts achieving part of a nautical training qualification that led to becoming an ‘able-bodied seaman’ in the Navy for some years before embarking on more engineering-oriented roles.  A thriving career ran parallel to settling down with a wife and two children but in the last 3 years, at age 32, he lost the use of one arm and hand caused by epileptic seizures that rendered him in hospital with a lengthy recovery period.  This significant life changing event was a physical and emotional blow to a previously economically active existence.  Although socially he is not overly isolated with family and a small circle of old friends locally, there is a deep sense of loss about this individual – of identity, of family life, of his career, colleagues and associated social networks, and most of all of purpose.  

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