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ELIEMENTAL Case Study The Performer

ELIEMENTAL Case Study The Performer:

This is a lively individual in his late fifties from a part of the North West region that has been in economic decline for some years and the recent slowdown in economic activity across the country has done nothing to reverse this situation.  He comes with a reasonable education with 8 CSE’s under his belt, and training at FE College in Merchant Shipping and Morse code but he didn’t complete the training.  Unable to plug some of his temporal gaps around the time he finished school, he confirms eventually moving into plate welding at a colliery when the pits were everywhere.  Clearly not adverse to change, he describes an array of subsequent work experiences, some bordering on thriving franchises and enterprise, a repertoire of skills in children’s entertainment, and conversely, prolonged periods of joblessness when opportunities to employment were blighted by the local economic climate.   At the time of the research, he finds himself unemployed again and the timing couldn’t be worse.  He was gainfully employed for the last 6 months with a local employer but accusations of ‘money missing’ levied at staff led to him take the impulsive decision to walk out, preferring to avoid the agony of an internal investigation when he wasn’t a long serving member of staff.  Now, he is struggling coming to terms with this because he hoped this would be his last job before retirement at 66, so this is a serious personal setback.  

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