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Cultural stereotypes do not matter!

This individual presents a case of a former entrepreneur, who is currently idle, and wishes to start up a new venture in the short term. In her early 50s and with an Engineering degree, she held a private construction company with her husband for almost 25 years.

What makes this case unique is her positive and quite realistic view of cultural stereotypes when it comes to starting up one's own business: She is aware of negative cultural stereotypes towards entrepreneurship, but also points out that the most common media depiction of enterprises in Greece at the moment relate to bankruptcy. Most importantly, this does not discourage her from pursuing her entrepreneurial plans, but rather makes her think twice about the moves she will make to realize her business plan. She was a successful entrepreneur in the family business for almost a quarter of a century, and this experience tells her much about enterprising, rendering cultural stereotypes and lay beliefs rather unimportant! A rather positive and important take-home message for everyone who perceives cultural stereotypes as barriers to starting up their own business!

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