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Case study: Willing to face barriers to entrepreneurship

This individual presents an ‘unusual’ case study as compared to the group of other interviewees that took part in ELIEMENTAL interviews. What makes this case unusual is the individual’s understanding and willingness to overcome barriers to entrepreneurship. She is a single mother of a young adult, she’s in her late 40s and worked for a lot of years in the private sector. She is unemployed for 3.5 years, since the financial crisis broke in Greece. She graduated from high school but does not possess any professional qualification, never attended University, college or any other sort of post-secondary education. Having attended a couple of seminars and workshops on entrepreneurship is all she did in terms of education and training, but she views herself as extremely ‘rich’ and competent in a range of other skills, such as extraversion and the ability to openly and effectively communicate with other people. She feels extremely proud from having been able to raise her daughter all by herself.

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