Meet the Team

Dr Carolyn Downs of Lancaster University Management School is the project lead, and partner organisations come from Poland, Greece, Bulgaria and the UK. Our partners include representatives from other universities, research centres, social enterprises and non-governmental training centres, providing the team with wide-ranging expertise in enterprise and employability skills development.

Dr. Carolyn Downs
Dr. Carolyn DownsLancaster University
Sarah Thorn
Sarah ThornLancaster University
Beki Melrose
Beki MelroseGood Things Collective
Dr. T. Bartosz Kalinowski
Dr. T. Bartosz KalinowskiUniversity of Lodz
Dr. Pawel Glodek
Dr. Pawel GlodekUniversity of Lodz
Prof. Leslie T. Szamosi
Prof. Leslie T. SzamosiSEERC
Anastasios Diamantinidis
Anastasios DiamantinidisSEERC
Popi Sourmaidou
Popi SourmaidouEarth Spiral
Vasilena Varbanova
Vasilena VarbanovaZnanie
Valentina Georgieva
Valentina GeorgievaZnanie
Yoana Novachkova
Yoana NovachkovaZnanie
Aleksandra Pisera
Aleksandra PiseraFundacja Inkubator
Małgorzata Frontczak
Małgorzata FrontczakFundacja Inkubator