Have you ever wanted to develop enterprise skills? Improve your chances of employment? Start up a business? Eliemental is an applied research project which was funded by the European Union that continues to work with people who have barriers preventing them from taking the first steps towards developing their own enterprise.

Eliemental is based on one of the findings of an earlier project (the Elie Project); that many people who would like to be entrepreneurial are prevented from acting because of barriers in their own lives or their communities. Many of these barriers were social or cultural and participants often struggled to overcome these

The original Eliemental team were based in four countries; Romania, Greece, Poland and the UK. In each of these countries we worked with individuals who were interested in becoming more enterprising but who have found it difficult to overcome barriers that might be in their way.

53% of our participants go on to start a business, emplyment or education, and our training resources for the Eliemental programme are free and downloadable.