Getting some really useful insights from another new small business owner

One of our Polish partners Fundacja Inkubator have been chatting to a small business owner who recently started her own business creating artistic cakes for individual orders.  The company is called ‘Babki Dwie’

We wanted to know why she had decided to do this and what she had found difficult.  We also asked her what she most enjoyed about running her own business and where she had got support.

Here are some of her thoughts:

Making cakes is my passion. It started 9 years ago when my older son was born. I started making cakes not only for him, but also for my friend’s children.

My previous job was being a teacher. I had been working at school for 16 years before an educational reform was introduced in Poland. My school was closed, and I lost a job which I really loved. Then I decided to turn my passion for doing cakes into business.

I had become unemployed just before the time the COVID-19 started spreading around the world. It was almost impossible to get some help from the labour office. I started looking for help in setting up a new business on my own. On the Internet I found some information concerning getting financial support to start a business.

The best part of doing my job is definitely decorating cakes. I keep learning all the time. I take part in plenty of courses and try out some new techniques. Cakes are always connected with pleasant situations so I usually have the chance to make people happy. Seeing that my cake came up to someone’s expectations makes me feel really satisfied.

My greatest supporter is definitely my husband. He was the person who convinced me that I should turn my passion into my new profession. He motivates me and helps to develop my business. My friends also help me a lot, especially to get new customers by recommending my company or sharing my company’s posts on social media.

I got lots of support from the Inkubator foundation – they helped me to get money to start my business and buy some equipment needed for making cakes. The project offered training on marketing, advertising and accountancy. It helped me a lot because I had little idea of running my own business.

Finally, we asked what advice she would give to someone hoping to start a business themselves:

Definitely one of the most important ingredients in a successful business is passion. But we should remember to balance passion with wisdom. A crucial action before setting up a new business is researching the market. We should understand what market we are in, who our competitors are and how to attract customers.

Many people suppose that starting a business is a very difficult process and they don’t know the first steps to take. It is a good idea to find a foundation or an advisor who supports new entrepreneurs and ask for help.