Good practices in promoting and supporting migrant entrepreneurs

Migrant entrepreneurs face a number of challenges in their host countries, new regulations, new frameworks, new culture. This is a group of people that could make significant contributions to their host countries’ economies and therefore we need to understand how we can help them to make these contributions. Therefore, the study set out to:

  • Gather data and identify good practices among initiatives supporting migrant entrepreneurship.
  • Disseminate lessons learned from these successful initiatives in Europe and beyond and to encourage replication of good practices.
  • Provide a self-assessment tool to be used by service providers to assess their services and identify concrete ways to improve them.
  • Enable policy makers to assess the current performance of migrant entrepreneurship support schemes and feed any lessons learned into the next round of decision-making.

The European Commission has now released their evaluation and analysis which has some interesting findings including the use of tehcnology, the diversification of sources of funding and how to leverage volunterring and corporate sponsorship.

Please download a free copy of the report here (5,668KB).

The self assessment tools can be found here.