Photo Voice Presentation

The Incubator Foundation in Lodz


Near the big crossing in the centre of Lodz, there is a modern block of commercial premises (automotive, beauty salon, prestigious dental clinic, furniture salon) located at the bottom of the building. A few meters away there is a tenement house that needs revitalization. Thanks to this, the place would gain image and give greater business opportunities. The advantage of this place is parking for clients of companies.

A forgotten, destroyed building with its own history in the very centre of the city

A simple information on the wall about coffee in the yard. Advertising on the wall is a nice idea, but does the aesthetics of such advertising encourage you to drink coffee there? The location is great – in the opposite to the ambulance emergency point, a hospital and next to the bus stop.

The building in the city centre transformed into the rental of coworking space, a very practical solution, the main interest among freelance contractors and small business owners.

The old factory centre of the city turned into an entertainment and meeting point called OFF Piotrkowska – off the main street in Lodz.

Beautifully renovated old park so that you can spend time outdoors.

City centre – social housing in old, damp tenements. Most tenants are in people in difficult life situation. Next to them beautiful new blocks for the rich men with loans.

So unfair – building with the beautifully renovated front, and at the back – still a gray reality.

Rental space for small entrepreneurs.

Kitty Cafe – an extraordinary place – atmospheric cafe with 19th-century interiors, where you can come with a cat or dog.

Two different worlds – on the left there is a freshly renovated street while on the right – devasted part of the city. You can even see the yellow border line.

Social Cooperative called „LodzChance” – a little dining created by 5 representatives of VSE groups – a big downside is the unused potential of the terrace, which would certainly contribute to the increase in the number of customers.