Spotlight on Co-researchers

Co-researchers are an essential part of the work that we do on the Elie 2.0 Project. We are honouring that fact with an article dedicated to one of our valued members of the co-researcher team in the UK.

Becca has been taking part in the Elie 2.0 project as a co-researcher from the beginning. She started by taking part in our ‘photo lives’ project and is now on placement at The Good Things Collective (a partner on our Elie 2.0 Project) helping with events and exhibitions. Becca is doing a foundation degree ‘The Changing Culture’ programme which is an Arts Council initiative (an arts based business degree) And as if she isn’t busy enough, Becca also volunteers at ‘More Music’ and the Alhambra Morecambe Theatre Trust in Morecambe.
Becca lives in Morecambe and comes from Barrow, having done some extensive family tree work, discovered that her ancestors were involved in building and running some of the more well-known buildings in Morecambe.
Becca’s current project ‘Sign of the Times’ is funded by the Creative West End and the workshop she shares with her co-workers is in Albert Road, West End Morecambe.

The sign writing project aims to produce fifteen motivational and eye-catching signs that will be displayed around the West End of Morecambe and Becca is keen to find a way to make this into a business. The Elie 2.0 project are hoping to be able to help Becca make some plans and research this possibility.
We discovered that Becca was a keen photographer when she produced some great examples of her work on the ‘photo lives’ project and she told me that this has encouraged her to display her work at an exhibition hosted by The Good Things Collective. From there, Becca then hopes to display her work at ‘More Music’ and the Alhambra.

Becca demonstrates her interest in local history in the photos she took for the ‘photo lives’ projects, we have included a selection below. We have also included photos taken during the planning stage of the ‘Sign of the Times’ project.