How can I take part?

What Can Eliemental Do for Me? 

Eliemental opens up a whole range of new opportunities for people! Eliemental develops skills for employment, enterprise or moving into further education and offers an opportunity for community organisations to deliver training and to also train members of their team to become Community Enterprise Coaches.

Who is it for? 

Eliemental is a bank of FREE learning resources. These were created in partnership with end users, everyday people who are interested in developing their enterprise skills.  The materials are suitable for individuals to use for self-study but are designed to also work in small group settings, led by a facilitator from a community organisation.

What sort of materials are there? 

Eliemental is a soft skills development programme, covering networking, mindset, confidence and planning and other skills. Elie 2.0 follows on and has learning materials covering hard skills for enterprise and employment, including market research, pricing, networking, social media and planning. The Community Enterprise Coaching Kit and Live Projects Kit help community organisations build enterprise in their communities through working with their stakeholders and local businesses.

Is Eliemental right for me or my organisation? 

Get in touch with the team if you want to find out more. We are happy to discuss the projects with you.

For further information please email us at info@eliemental.org