Developing Enterprise in your Community

Elie 2.0 builds on the work of the Eliemental Project, which is a soft skills development programme to help boost enterprise and employability skills. Click on the Eliemental tab for further information and training resources.

Elie 2.0 is a hard skills development programme for enterprise and employability and includes opportunities for people to learn through real world projects.

Starting your own Business

There are invisible barriers which often prevent individuals from being entrepreneurial. By working with local communities and building from local knowledge, the Eliemental project aims to promote the creation of start up businesses through providing supportive spaces for target groups to learn soft skills and share knowledge, important in allowing entrepreneurial ideas to develop.

Enterprise Skills

The Elie 2.0 project aims to work with a range of groups who may be considered vulnerable to social exclusion.

Enterprise Education

At the heart of the Eliemental projects is the desire to give back to society, and provide training to people in THEIR community to suit THEIR needs. Throughout the duration of the project, Eliemental will collect information with the help of community members about the barriers to enterprise community members face throughout the partner Countries, to design a new training scheme and provide an accredited qualification in Enterprise Education across the EU.

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